Artemis Institute

Artemis Institute provides educational programs, design build opportunities, forums and activities that help us explore and understand the relationship that exists between nature and culture. We believe that the tie between the creative process and the relationship that we have with the world is profound, and, when engaged and expressed, results in transformations of how we relate to the world in which
we live.

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Remote Studio

Remote Studio is a fulfilling, fast pasted, immersion program for creative, self-motivated students. This Bozeman, Montana based educational series centers on a hands-on community Design / Build project in the northern Rockies. The 12 transferable NAAB credits focus on refining design abilities, gaining practical construction knowledge, working in a group setting,determining your professional focus, and discovering personal vision.

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DONT MISS THE DEADLINE Remote Studio application deadline is March 1. Come on you rebels, APPLY, lets play.