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Artemis Institute develops independent and partner based programs and forums that enliven and inspire new cultural perspectives of environment and nature. Interested partners should contact us at


Remote Studio

Remote Studio provides first hand experiences of the natural world and the creative process through a for-credit university level educational program for design students and those interested in learning more about the creative process. The Bozeman based program provides an immersive and fully integrated educational and living experience to encourage a student's awareness and understanding of how creative ideas are drawn from the world, and how creative abilities are tied to responsibilities to the natural and developed world.

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Artemis Institute is developing a series of constantly changing 2 to 3 week programs that will be offered at a variety of locales beginning in May 2014. These programs will be offered for University Credit, personal enrichment, and IDP Credit. The focus of these courses will vary and support Artemis Institute's belief and our need to explore and understand the transformative relationship that exists between nature and culture.

Summer 2014: May 13-22 Course: Quest Zion to Arches, Utah

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Professional Development &
Continuing Education

Artemis Institute is currently developing AIA Continuing Education Programs that will be offered beginning in the Fall of 2014.

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Round Table Discussions:
Thinking About Our Future

In 2013 Artemis Institute will launch a series of Round Table discussions with Remote Studio alumni and other invited participants occurring across the county to discuss the rapid transformation of societies and how these changes suggest new routes of cultural responses for those trained in and practicing architecture.We believe the flexible Immersion Education Model of Remote Studio provides a timely methodology for equipping design students with a more reflexive and responsive way of thinking about and engaging in these social and cultural transformations. These discussions will help inform the best way of addressing these transformation at Artemis Institute, presenting a leadership role for other educational institutions.

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Residence Gallatin Valley

Artemis Institute offers a Residency Program for two residents each July/August of two weeks each to provide scholars and creative dreamers an opportunity to develop publishable research that promotes Artemis Institute's focus on the relationship that exists between nature and culture.

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"Being is the great explainer."
- Thoreau