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Instructor Bios

Artemis Institute is fortunate enough to work with some amazing instructors. Read more about them below.

lori ryker

Dr. Lori Ryker, P.H.D

Executive Director

Dr. Lori Ryker directs and instructs Remote Studio. Dr. Ryker has taught at universities across the nation, including Auburn University, Texas A&M, University of Texas and Montana State University. She is the founder of studioryker, a multi-disciplinary design and art studio, founded in 2007 located in Bozeman, MT. She was a partner of the award winning design studio Ryker /Nave Design (1994-2007). She is the author of Mockbee Coker: Thought and Process, Off The Grid and Off The Grid Homes. Dr. Ryker lectures across the country on issues of sustainability, alternative energy, Remote Studio and the philosophical concepts that support Artemis Institute.

megan ulrichs

Megan Ulrichs


Megan Ulrichs is a Holistic Dietary Consultant at Spring Integrative Health with a BS in nutrition and exercise science and is near completion of a MS in Holistic Nutrition with a focus on healing through food. Her clients run the gamut of individuals with intestinal issues, children with learning or behavioral challenges, to endurance athletes, pregnancy, cholesterol, diabetes, weight loss/gain, to pre or post surgery nutrition planning. It is her passion to educate individuals on the theory and practice of food as medicine.

david roe

David Roe

Welding Instructor

A native Montanan, David grew up with a love of nature and the outdoors. He also developed a passion for building whatever piqued his interest. This passion led him to Bozeman, to study at the School of Architecture. While in school, he found many opportunities to combine theoretical design with physical construction. Chief among these was the Remote Studio program, which expanded his view of the design profession and opened an exciting series of opportunities. Since graduating from the MSU architecture program in 2011, David has actively chosen to follow his interest in the combination of good design and quality craftsmanship. Most recently he co-founded, a company through which he can explore the possibilities of collaborative design/build.

"Being is the great explainer."
- Thoreau