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The Remote Studio educational experience is taught in a vertical format that allows students to learn from each other as well as from the Remote Studio instructors. The rich and integrated educational experience provided by Remote Studio benefits students with varied backgrounds that are interested in exploring their creative process as it relates to personal expression and it's broader relation to the World, as well as better understanding our environmental responsibilities.

The Remote Studio Environment

Learning to live through the cycle of the season is a valuable lesson of Remote Studio, and one that is a lived experienced as you move from place to place, adjust to the weather, daylight hours, cycle of construction, and learn to dress in response to the temperature swings of the high mountain altitude.


Artemis Institute is based out of Bozeman, Montana. With a population of about 38,000 people, Bozeman is filled with local stores and businesses. Bozeman is also home to a large amount of environmental non-profits, thriving arts community as well as outdoor adventurists who came for a visit and never left. There are great restaurants, cinemas, outdoor adventure companies, art galleries and several grocery stores.


Winter is long in the Northern Rockies. And it is for this reason that Remote Studio does not operate from January through May. Beyond the winter season are the glorious months in the Northern Rockies where you can hike a trail or ski a mountain slope, float a river or cycle for miles. The weather during these months is a surprise to most people who do not live here. You must still be prepared for great weather changes and temperature swings.

The mountain environment is dry. Which means that there is no moisture to hold in the temperature of the day once the sun goes down. For this reason, be prepared for a twenty degree temperature drop as soon as the sun sets over the mountains. It's a beautiful and enlivening experience.

When to Arrive to Remote Studio

Plan to arrive to Bozeman at least one day before Remote Studio Begins.

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Partner School

Montana State University is our partnership Institution that provides accredited courses and official transcripts for transfer to each student's home institution. Refer to the Application and Tuition sections for more information regarding the process of attending Remote Studio.

If your School is interested in becoming a Partnership Institution contact us at:


Montana State University

MSU's inquiry and research-based curriculum inspires exploration and creativity, and ensures exposure to a broad range of disciplines. Every student participates in a research or creative experience from one of four areas: the arts, humanities, natural science and social sciences.

Montana State University is one of only 108 institutions - out of 4,600 - designated as "very high research activity" by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of teaching. This means that MSU is among the top 2% of research institutions nationwide which translates into significant opportunities for research, scholarship and creative work.